Who do you want to WIN Big Brother 2015?

After 66 days inside that infamous house, the 16th winner of Big Brother will be crowned. After 66 days of Timebombs, Timewarps and Cashbombs, someone will claim the £116,900 prize fund, previously £150,000.

All six housemates entered the house on Day 1, but who will walk out victorious on Thursday night?

The finalists are Yorkshire lass, Chloe Wilburn. Rapper Cristian MJC (Matthew Clarkson). Demolition Man, Danny Wisker. Fast food manager, Jack McDermott. Aspiring to be Prime Minister, Joel Williams. And rich and unemployed, Nick Henderson.


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Who do you want to be Ninth Evicted?

After Jade’s eviction last Friday night, nominations were announced to begin shortly. Then, a blast from the recent past was first to nominate. Jade, who in turn nominated Cristian. From then, Tag Nominations has begun.

As the week went on, Cristian nominated Sam. Sam, Harry. Harry, Simon. Simon, Jack. Jack, Joel. Joel, Danny. And finally, Danny, Nick.

Now, only Chloe has come out of the nominations unscathed. But who do you want to be kicked out of that house this week? Do you want to kick out rapper Cristian, wannabe TV personality Sam, Marc-hating Harry Amelia, SHOWBIZ Simon, Jack and his dressing gown, politician Joel, demolition man Danny, or rich and unemployed Nick.

Who Goes. You Decide.

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Favourite Timewarp Housemate

After Eileen’s eviction, it was later confirmed that three legendary housemates would be dragged from Big Brother’s past and parked inside the Timebomb bunker with that week’s fake evictee.

Come Friday, and two of the legendary housemates had been revealed as Big Brother 7’s and Ultimate Big Brother’s fourth time a housemate, Nikki Grahame, and last year’s controversial, straight-talking winner, Helen Wood. Later that evening and Big Brother 8 winner Brian Belo was confirmed to join the legendary ladies. Then, Sam and Simon survived the ‘eviction’ and Marc was fake evicted and flung into the Bunker.

Now, after watching, listening and bitching, the Timewarpers entered the house to wreck havoc. And after Nikki’s tantrums, Brian’s meltdowns and Helen’s ‘ honesty’, Time was paused on Timewarp week and the legendary housemates aren’t going anywhere, just yet.

So, who is your favourite?

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Who do you want to be the Seventh Housemate Evicted?

Earlier this week, Sam and Simon decided to pick Eileen, Jack and Joel, to face this week’s eviction. Which stirred the house, only a tiny bit. But with Jack’s remaining immunity pass hanging, Jack chose to save himself from the eviction. Which leaves Eileen and Joel to battle it out.

So, who goes? The 18 year old trapped in a 52 year old’s body. The politician, come aspiring Prime Minister, from Cardiff. Or are you undecided.


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Tonight, Big Brother is going to let loose one of it’s biggest Timebomb. Nominated housemates, Aaron (ejected), Cristian, Eileen, Jade, Joel, and Nick are now safe? And the housemates that weren’t up for nomination, are now up for nomination. And only Jack knows.

But Big Brother has got an even bigger twist up it’s sleeve… FOUR housemates will be evicted, in exchange for three new housemates, and possibly a returnee.

Whether you are happy with this twist or not, four housemates will be evicted. But who do you want to go?

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Big Brother’s Bit on the Facebook

Big Brother’s Bit on the Site now has it’s very own official Facebook page. This page includes all the latest news and goss about Big Brother, as well as all updates from this blog.

Why don’t you try it out?



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