Who do you want to be Ninth Evicted?

After Jade’s eviction last Friday night, nominations were announced to begin shortly. Then, a blast from the recent past was first to nominate. Jade, who in turn nominated Cristian. From then, Tag Nominations has begun.

As the week went on, Cristian nominated Sam. Sam, Harry. Harry, Simon. Simon, Jack. Jack, Joel. Joel, Danny. And finally, Danny, Nick.

Now, only Chloe has come out of the nominations unscathed. But who do you want to be kicked out of that house this week? Do you want to kick out rapper Cristian, wannabe TV personality Sam, Marc-hating Harry Amelia, SHOWBIZ Simon, Jack and his dressing gown, politician Joel, demolition man Danny, or rich and unemployed Nick.

Who Goes. You Decide.

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