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The Entrance/Exit/Diary Room Entrance:

These are the life-size recycled doors that the housemates come face to face with when they enter the house. The pink door is now golden and the blue is now black and the golden door is the entrance to the diary room.

The Entrance Stairway:

When housemates enter, they will trail down these luxurious stairs. Careful not to fall, like Jack and Joe.

The Exit Stairway:

The house climb back up these stairs to leave the house or to go to the diary room, which is upstairs for the first time in Big Brother’s history. Doors under the stairs, the one of the left leads to the task room and the one on the right leads to the store room. In front of both door is a wooden cow, which stores food inside it.

The Kitchen:

This year, the kitchen it round. This means that this area is the centre of the house, you can see everything. You know when someone is going to the diary room or going into various other rooms. There are bicycle chairs as seats.

The housemates enter the round kitchen and cook, clean, bitch and gossip here. After winning that weeks shopping task, housemates can put the food in the cupboards. The fridge for the Big Brother house is behind one of the doors on the walls. Preferably the blue double doors.

The Dining Area:

The housemates can gather at this circular table to eat their dinner. This also gives the housemates a good view of the house, being able to see what each other are getting up to.

The Living Area:

The housemates gather to the sofa’s to talk, chat, bicker, argue, bitch and gossip. But they also come here to do tasks, watch secrets on the tv’s or to be told lies or be informed by Big Brother. This is also where the housemates go to find out who is the next to leave the Big Brother house.

The Bedroom:

As you enter the bedroom, you’ve got a multi-coloured carpet, multi-coloured wall, including wallpaper that looks like books and one wall of suitcases.

There is also a sofa are in the bedroom, which allows housemates to interact as well.

There is a bicycle in the bedroom as well, which is part of Big Brother’s eco-friendly house this year. One housemate has to ride the bike to pump electricity for the other housemates who want to use the hairdryer. This can only be done in an hour.

There are several single beds and several double beds, which might frustrate the housemates at first. To be absolutely precise, there are 8 single beds and 4 double beds.

There are recycled tables, lamps and various other things in the bedroom. There is a toilet at the the other end of the bedroom for the housemates to use. There are also ten mirrors and there are around five cameras in the bedroom.

This part of the bedroom, is called the sofa area. Housemates normally sit here and relax or to talk, chat, bitch and gossip to other housemates. There are 7 windows in the bedroom, all of which look out into the garden. There is also a wooden door in the middle of the windows, that leads to the garden. Through the day, the lights are on, but when it gets to a certain time at night, all the lights turn off, meaning the housemates have to go to sleep. In the morning, around 10am, the housemates are waken up by the lights turning on and sometimes, there is music played, normally when there is a task, but this forces the housemates to wake up and get up.

The Garden:

The Garden is the only part of the house that is outside. This so that the housemates don’t feel trapped or claustrophobic in the house, or feel like they are being held/kept prisoner.

This year, the garden is mainly wood or bamboo, as some may call it. There are circles of grass in the garden, to make it more homely. As you enter the garden from the living area, there is a purple chair there, which is the smoking area for the housemates who indulge in their bad habits. There is also a sofa area for the housemates.

There are lots of plants in the garden this year and a jail. If housemates have talked about nominations, then they will automatically be sent to the Big Brother jail, until Big Brother releases/frees them. There is a secret room behind the jail, a room that hasn’t been discovered yet…. The Big Brother Gym.

There is also a tree house this year. The housemates can run up these stairs and chill, bitch or gossip in the tree house. The treehouse isn’t just good for relaxing or chillaxing. The treehouse is an outside bathroom. One housemate will have to spin the wheel for hot water to come out of the shower. There are also taps and sinks there for the housemates to brush their teeth or wash their faces, etc.

The plant patch. This is where all the fruits and vegetables and other stuff are grown. This is a big part of this years eco-friendly theme. Only few housemates water the plants, although others use it for sunbathing and gossiping and bitching. Sometimes people from the outside world, slingshot tennis balls with notes on them, into the garden patch. This has stirred up a lot of trouble within the housemates.

The Safe House:

As part of this year’s Secrets and Lies theme, on week 3, Big Brother revealed to the viewers at home, Big Brother’s Secret Safe House. The viewing public could either send Dexter and Gina in or Dan and Wolfy. On Friday 5th July, Dexter and Gina were fake evicted in a fake double eviction and sent to the safe house, to live in luxury and could watch the other housemates, who believed that they were evicted. The Safe house was revealed to the housemates later in the week, where they could replace one housemate who was facing eviction, with another housemate who wasn’t. Dexter and Gina saved Charlie and replace her with her mother Jackie. Charlie moved into the safe house with them. After Wolfy’s eviction, the public chose Hazel and Daley to enter the safe house, and the week after, the housemates chose Sophie and Sam to enter the ‘safe’ house. Then on Monday, they chose Dan to join them. But Big Brother had told a big lie, as Sam, Sophie and Dan were not safe and in fact, one of them will be evicted on Friday night’s show. The Safe house contains three beds, two chairs, two baths, a shower, a sink and a bathroom.

The Diary Room: The housemates go upstairs and enter the diary room to tell Big Brother how they feel, be asked questions by Big Brother, be given treats or formal warnings by Big Brother and to nominate. The diary room chair this year is red, with golden wiring boarding it. There is also a blue wall background behind the chair. According to Emma Willis, this chair is very comfy, but according to the housemates, it is not very comfy at all. Was Big Brother’s main host telling a lie, or was she being totally and completely honest?

Hope you enjoyed our tour of the Big Brother House 2013, but if that isn’t enough, then head to the Channel 5 website to get a full 360 panoramic view of this year’s house.

Head to

The Big Brother House 2012:

The Entrance/Exit Stairway:

The Housemates will enter and exit, via here. Routes to Diary Room and Sitting Area.

The Living Room:

Housemates gather round the sofa for evictions and to be informed by Big Brother. The housemates are allowed to rest here. Contains Dining Room.

The Kitchen:

This area of the house is open for housemates to cook. They have three seats and have a storeroom at the end of the room. The housemates must assist in a shopping task every week and win and the store room will be open for grabs of food luxuries. In a task called ‘Turf Wars’ the housemates were split into two groups, the green and blue team and they had to win parts of the house. The Green team won most of the areas, including the Kitchen, but it was soon taken off them as Green team housemate Arron broke the rules and jumped in the pool, belonging to the blue team property.

The Bedroom:

This Bedroom is luxurious. Doors lead to (from left to right), glass door to garden, white door to living area and featured door to toilet. In the ‘Turf Wars’ task, the Green Team won the Bedroom.

The Bathroom:

Contains Shower, rest bed, toilet, two sinks, mirror and bath. In a task called ‘Turf Wars’ the Green team won control of the Bathroom. But when green team housemate Arron broke the rules. The bathroom was taken off them.

The Garden:

The Garden Area this year has an american new york style and has a smoking area, swimming pool, hot tub, dining room, sunbeds and was won by the blue team in the task ‘Turf Wars’.

The Diary Room:

The Diary Room chair is like a kings chair with blue and golden/silver trimmings. The background has been changed colour as it is usually blue-purple. It has been changed blue and green for ‘Turf Wars’ and golden for the wild west task ‘The Good, The Bad And The Really Ugly’. The Diary room is used for nominations and confiding in Big Brother. Next to it is a small task room and it’s larger is next to The Garden.


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