Sam is the WINNER!


Housemate Sam Evans is the WINNER of Big Brother: Secrets and Lies (series 14) 2013!

After 68 days, we finally crown our winner. It was neck and neck between annoying, irritating, manipulative, game-playing and devious housemate, Dexter Koh.

But luckily, Sam was the public’s favourite and Dexter came in second place and is the Runner-up of Big Brother 2013.

When questioned, he said he did like Charlie and said that he wasn’t playing again, but did go in there with a strategy.

When Sam exited, Emma (Willis, the host 2013) questioned him on his likeness for Gina and why he and Sophie, didn’t click. He also said that he will give 25% of the prize money to charity, another 25% to his family and friend, etc, and keep 50% of the money, so he has a secure future, as he doesn’t have a great job.

So, it looks like it payed off for Sam. Having to wait with Dexter for an hour to find out who the winner is, he deserves and extra £200,000 and a golden medal.

So, are you happy with the results of this year’s winner? I for one am. Were you scared that Dexter was going to win (As was I)? Or did you want another housemate to win (possibly, just maybe, Jack and Joe)?

Whatever your thoughts are, comment below?

And a final CONGRATULATIONS to this year’s winner: Sam Evans!

The Only Way is Rio!


For weeks, Gina Rio has been the fan-favourite housemate, but last night, she finished in third place.

Gina entered the Big Brother house on Day 2, during the Live Launch: Part Two and was booed as soon as she stepped out of that eye and walked into the house.

She had a few run-ins with her other housemates, which included first and second evictee, Sallie Axl and Jemima Slade.

Gina managed to survive the first and second eviction, but sadly, she became the third housemate to be evicted…. FAKELY!

On Friday 5th July, Gina and housemate Dexter Koh were evicted and voted into a secret safe house. Here, they watched all of their fellow housemates’ moves and had the overall power. After she re-entered the house, Gina became popular with the housemates and the viewers, for speaking her mind and saying it, how it is. Since, Gina has never been up.

On Day 68, Gina came in third place in the Final. This now leaves, Dexter and Sam in the running for the £100, 000 prize.

So, are you happy that the most spoilt girl in Britain, turned most hated girl in Britain, turned most loved girl in Britain made it to first place? Do you wish that she had got the crown? Or, do you wish she had left sooner? Comment your thoughts and who you wanted to WIN, below.

All good things come to an END!


Twins Jack and Joe Glenny were the first ever housemates of Big Brother 2013 to enter the house.

During their 68 days in the house, they’ve made us laugh with their bickering, laugh even more with their reactions and laugh even harder with their laughs.

But after dodging eviction, time after time, the hilarious twins managed to make it to the Final 2013. But unfortunately for some (me included), they did not make it to the top spot. In fact, they were nowhere near. On Day 68, Jack and Joe came fourth place, behind selfish Gina, irritating freak Dexter and fan-favourite Sam.

So, that is it. There is no one left in that house anymore, to make us giggle or cry out of laughter. The story of Jack and Joe Glenny and the Big Brother House is now over!

But what awaits them in the future, is unknown….

The Last of the Travers!


Friday 14th June 2013, saw the arrival of the first EVER mother and daughter on Big Brother.

Jackie Travers, 59, entered with her daughter Charlie Travers, 27, as housemates 14 and 15, during Launch Night: Part Two.

During their time together in the house, Jackie became, not just the mother of Charlie, but the mother to the whole house. She also had the ‘pleasure’ of watching her daughter be massaged by fellow housemate Callum Knell and be involved in a love triangle, between him and Dexter Koh.

But after five weeks in the Big Brother house, Jackie Travers became the fourth housemate to be evicted this year. Half of the BB-Travers family was missing. But Charlie kept it alive and did her Mum proud… for one night?

After Callum was evicted, Charlie began to get confused about Dexter, whom she sort-of fancied. After weeks of boring DC’s (Deep Conversations) and surviving evictions, Charlie departed the house on Day 68 (67 to her) and came in Fifth place.

Asked on whether she would meet up with Dexter, she assured everyone that she’s meeting up with him on Wednesday. Whether she’ll meet up with Callum as well, it is currently unknown.

So that is it. Sorry Rylan, but the Travers’ story is now down. Are you happy about Charlie’s place in the final, remember to comment your thoughts below. And DON’T forget that Celebrity Big Brother will commence this Thursday. Who goes in, comment your ideal celebrity housemates below?

Finale Tonight!


In just a few minutes, the ‘Live’ final of Big Brother: ‘Secrets and Lies’ will begin.

In about less than 90 minutes’ time, there will be a new champion of Big Brother and will take the crown (not really, they’ll just take the money and go), for better or for worse.

But before it starts, let’s have a quick run-down. This year started with a theme of Secrets and Lies, which throughout the series, there hasn’t been many, to be fair. There’s been one or two secrets and a few lies, here and there, but nothing major.

But tonight, there will hopefully be a twist. A twist that gobsmacks us so much that we switch on the telly for Big Brother next year, in 2014. Now, the question is, what could the secret be?

Is Dexter a mole? Is Sam really welsh? Are Jack and Joe really twins? Is Charlie Travers really the daughter of the one and only legend, Jackie Travers? Or is Gina, really from a council estate and is poorer than the eye can see? We just don’t know.

Also, something odd has appeared on the TV guide’s. Yep, I know on Friday it’s called, Big Brother: Live Eviction. But surely, the final must be live. Well, it says, Big Brother: The Final. Is that the secret? Well, we’re just moments away from finding out.

Who do you want to win? VOTE NOW!

The ‘BIG’ Eviction Twist?


It had been reported that there was to be a big twist in tonight’s episode for the housemates that are facing eviction this week.

With the lines not opening on Monday night, after Live face-to-face nominations, there was definitely something fishy going on.

But, whilst everyone was hanging onto the edge of their seats, excited about the twist that was to air tonight, we were all suddenly disappointed as we all heard the Big Brother theme tune and then the closing titles show on screen. If it wasn’t for coming across various reports on various sites, none of us would have had a clue about Big Brother’s latest twist… And here it is!

Devious housemate Dexter Koh is now immune from the public vote, having been replaced by sly Sophie Lawrence, for an unknown reason.

So, the lines are now finally open and the four who face the axe are; the remaining half of the mother and daughter duo, Charlie Travers. With her are lovable and hilarious twins, Jack and Joe Glenny, genuine and funny housemate, Sam Evans. Now the new housemate to join them in a battle for survival is sly bully, Sophie Lawrence.

Not a big twist, like we were all hoping for, but it’s done now and all we can do is EVICT Sophie and then get rid of Dexter on Friday and then vote for Jack and Joe and Sam to win?

So, are you happy with this decision, or are you siding with me, like Sophie does with Gina. Are you also unhappy that Dexter has been saved and wished that Jack and Joe or Sam should have been saved instead. Whatever your thoughts are, comment in the comment section below. It may seen empty, but once your involved, you just can’t get out (and thats in a good way).



This week, the housemates’ friends and families nominated on their behalf. After receiving the most votes from the process, Charlie, Dexter, Hazel, Jack and Joe and Sophie faced the public vote this week.

Last night, Friday 9th August 2013, Big Brother’s new host, Emma Willis announced the results of the weeks vote. In doing so, the lines frozen and the three housemates with the least votes were saved. These housemates were (in order), Jack and Joe, Sophie and Dexter. This left Charlie and Hazel at the edge of their seats, biting their nails.

After Emma had revealed the results, the lines re-opened for the final time that night and the public could vote to evict their least favourite.

Finally, after ten or more minutes of yesterday’s action in the house, the lines closed and Emma put the two housemates out of their misery.

Emma: “Big Brother House, this is Emma. Charlie… Hazel…; the viewers have spoken, your fate is sealed. For the last five days, the British public have been voting to evict; And I can now reveal the housemate with the most votes, and the seventh to be evicted is… Hazel. Hazel, you’ve lost your place in the Big Brother House. You have 30 seconds to say your goodbyes.”

Finally! The Irish model who was voted by you as a snake, voted to go in the safe house with Daley, whom she was committing a love affair with and then it all turning pear shaped from then on… or rather, Cucumber-shaped! You, the Great British public voted Hazel O’Sullivan out of the Big Brother House.

But what do YOU think? Do you feel relieved that you don’t have to see her face on your TV screens anymore? Or do you wish that she’d have stayed in for another week, so that the Gina-Hazel battles could continue? Whatever you think about this weeks eviction and anything else, Big Brother related, then comment below!

Week 8 on Big Brother!


This week on Big Brother, Dexter performed a night of magic and mystery, predicting all of the housemates’ moves, via Big Brother. But Big Brother is always one step ahead and made Sam disappear, unknown to ‘Magician’ Dexter.

Big Brother told all housemates that Sam has been evicted, but this was a LIE! Sam had been sent to the safe house in SECRET and watched everything the housemates were saying. In his epic return, he confronted Dexter and Sophie, whom bitched about him, whilst he was gone.

On Day 53, Gina was given a SECRET task to create ‘fake fan mail’ for her fellow housemates. If no one clocked on that she had written the ‘fan mail’, then she would successfully pass the task and win a reward. A day later, Sophie was set the task to get her fellow housemates to carry out tasks for her, such as giving her a high-five or a makeover. Little did she know, that Big Brother had told her fellow housemates about the SECRET task and that they had to sabotage it by not doing what she asks. The majority of the housemates did not refuse the requests and in doing so, failed the task and earned no reward.

Also, on Day 54, the housemates’ friends and family nominated, causing a stir in the house. After receiving the most votes, Charlie, Dexter, Hazel, Jack and Joe and Sophie all face the public vote this week.

Friendships broke, as Hazel and Charlie clashed over Charlie’s friend Sophie nominating Hazel and then Hazel spreading LIES about Charlie to the other housemates. The day after, on Day 55, Hazel and Jack were chosen to run a commentary of all the housemates, with the housemates having to mime fake scenarios and listen to the commentary, all in SECRET!

And for this week’s shopping task, Gina became Queen Bee, with Charlie being the Queen Bee’s head guard and all the other housemates being busy Bee’s working to make many jars of honey. But because of Hazel not using her electric shock bee suit and could not get an electric shock, this threatens this week’s shopping task and it now hangs on the balance.

The End is Nye!


Finally, there is a billed end date for this year’s Big Brother. This will be very unfortunate to some (me included) and may confuse some people with it not ending in it’s usual Friday slot.

Big Brother: Secrets And Lies will conclude with it’s Live Final on Monday 19th August 2013.

Like last year’s Big Brother, this year’s will end on a Monday with the five remaining housemates awaiting the voting results and keeping their fingers crossed.

There is only 13 days left for the current seven housemates, which include 1/2 of the mother and daughter duo – Charlie Travers, self-proclaimed PR Guru, Dexter Koh, most hated housemate to fan-favourite, Gina Rio and Irish model Hazel O’Sullivan. Also fighting for survival are hilarious twins, Jack and Joe Glenny, stockroom assistant, Sam Evans and last but not least, secret karate expert, Sophie Lawrence.

But the question is…. Who do you want to win this year’s Big Brother? Who do you want to become the Big Brother 2o13 Champ? Do you want confused Charlie, fan-favourite Gina, sweet Sam or the twinnies? Who Goes. Who Wins. You DECIDE!

End of the Triangle!


This week saw housemates Callum, Dexter, Hazel and Jack and Joe up for nomination. Callum received the most votes, having being branded as “cringy and cheesy”.

Unfortunately for him and his fans, it wasn’t just the housemates that had a dislike for the Kent born housemate.

After Jack and Joe being saved and despite Dexter and Hazel getting boos. Callum Knell was the sixth housemate to be kicked out from the Borehamwood bungalow at Elstree Studios.

Mr.Nice Guy, Callum told Emma Willis (the show’s new presenter/host) that he and Charlie will never happen and that Dexter is playing a game.

The past few weeks have seen Callum and Dexter fighting for their beloved Charlie, but none of them have succeeded. The love triangle ended when Charlie nominated Callum, according to the “too nice” guy himself. But it looks like now it’s definitely over.

He also says that he doesn’t regret his VT and said that his best mate Sam managed to come on his own merit, but Callum would never be able to do that, if he wanted to go back in.

On speaking about Sam, he said that he asked Dan (Neal, fifth evicted housemate) and Gina (Rio) to look after him, if he isn’t there. He said that he thinks that Sam is amazing and he wants him to win.

So, what do you think? Do you think the right person went? Or do you agree with me and think that the past two weeks have seen the wrong housemates go? Comment below.

Hazel’s love sick!


Least favourite housemate Hazel O’Sullivan has told fellow housemates that she is missing ejected housemate Daley Ojuederie.

Earlier in the month, Daley was ejected from the Big Brother house for threatening housemate Hazel O’Sullivan in the safe house.

But despite everything that happened on that long night, Hazel admits to her housemates that she still has feelings for the boxer.

She told housemates that she “can’t wait to see him again” and will see him when she comes out of the house, which she believes is tonight.

A show insider told the Daily Star: “There is a lot more to their relationship than meets the eye.

“They have a connection and everyone knows they plan to carry that on outside.”

But that wasn’t the only thing Hazel was moaning about. She is worried about getting booed when she leaves the house.

She and all the other housemates believe that they are all facing eviction and believes she will go, saying:

“I’m not going to be able to go home after this. I’m going to have to live in a hotel in London.”

She also added: “I’m really worried about the booing when I leave.”

So what do you think? Does Hazel really miss Daley? Or is she just being utterly pathetic for attention? Comment your thoughts below.

Dan cracked it?


It looks as though Big Brother housemate Dan Neal might have cracked this week’s secret and lie.

Housemates have been told that Sam, Sophie and Dan are immune from this week’s public vote and that all the other housemates are facing eviction… but this is a LIE!

In the diary room, Dan said: “There is even a little bit of me that thinks we are not that safe in that safe house which unnerves me a little bit but I am not going to dwell on that…but it has crossed my mind that we are not all immune in there.”

But Sam is being totally fooled by the whole thing. He also went to the diary room, but was gushing at the fact.

He said: “Amazing. No words can describe how relaxing it feels because the longer I stay here the better.

“And this week, considering three people are safe which is me, Sophie and Dan. I feel invincible.”

Poor Sam, he really does believe he is safe. If only he knew the truth. So, what do you think? Has Dan sussed out Big Brother’s big lie? and was the secret a fair one? Comment below.

Praise the Ratings!


The boss of Endemol (the makers of Big Brother) has praised the show’s “extraordinary” ratings.

Big Brother has reached it’s fourteenth series this year, after being axed from Channel 4 three years ago. Channel 5 bought the program and has now become a big hit with viewers.

When aired on Channel 4, it’s ratings were at it’s best for it’s first to seventh series, in 2000-2006. But after that it wasn’t at the top of the barbs. In 2010, Channel 4 axed Big Brother from their channel, but Channel 5 bought it off them. The ratings weren’t that good either, last year’s series was the least watched Big Brother ever. But this year, although it had the least watched launch night, it’s become the most watched program on Channel 5, beating rival channels, Channel 4 and BBC Two.

When speaking to 5 Live’s Richard Bacon, the UK Chairman of Endemol Tim Hincks was questioned on the success of the series.

“I don’t know what more we can do… it is the biggest rated show on Channel 5!” he explained. “Ratings for this series are up on last year which is an extraordinary victory as everything is normally down. So 14 years in, it is still central to a terrestrial TV Channel.

“The point about Big Brother is in essence, it is incredibly simple. It changed television. If there was ever a battle over if reality TV was good or not, it is clear reality TV won.

“The point is there is a hardcore of fans for Big Brother who are non judgmental, who are always open minded, tolerant and broadly young viewers who don’t have the prejudices of the older generation. Big Brother still works.”

“The evidence around the world is that Big Brother is popular. The way we watch TV around the world is different now to 10 years ago but I think the big brands like Big Brother and The X Factor really mean something now, have a currency in the white noise of digital television and actually have a value which is almost greater than when they started.”

But did the Endemol boss think Channel 4 made a mistake by axing the show?

“It was exactly the right time for them… I think it was the right thing for Channel 4 to do, you have to move on. I completely understand they need to reinvent themselves every so often.”

So, what do you think? Did you prefer the days where you could just switch over to Channel 4? Or do you think Channel 4 made the right decision axing the show?

Tell us your thoughts in the Comments below.

Caroline’s Cracks and ‘LUSH’s loose!

Big Brother’s Ashleigh and Luke S look soon to break up as the week goes on? And facing eviction doesen’t seem to be helping Caroline.

20-year-old Caroline Wharram from Surrey has reportedly referred to male housemate Luke A (Born female) as “Mrs”.

In a conversation with Becky, Luke S, Conor and Ashleigh about who nominated who, which it is forbidden to talk about nominations. Caroline described fellow housemate Adam and Luke A as “mr and mrs”. Whereas Luke S was quick to add “mr and mr”.

Fans and family of Luke A have had an outburst on Twitter about Caroline.

They wrote: “Grrr Caroline how dare you call Luke a mrs!! I really hope you go Friday, what a vile person you are! disgraceful.”

There have been more complaints about the Caroline situation, but Caroline’s not the only one about to break.

Big Brother lovers Luke Scrase and Ashleigh Hughes are due to have a big row as the week goes on. With other housemates questioning their relationship. Could facing eviction helped. Will the ‘loved up’ couple be split or will they have a number of Big Brother romances throught out.

What do you think? Comment below.


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